Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Having Straight A's Doesn't Always Mean You're Smart.

'Eh anak you dapat berapa UPSR/PMR/SPM?'

'Well anak I macam biasa lah, tak pernah kecewa kan I, all A's very the wallah gitu!'

'Wow very the bomb lah anak you I loike*! You bagi makan apa anak you?'

'Eh I memang strict bab bab makan ni, all the very junk junk food I memang forbid anak I dari makan.'

'Oh I see. Belajar pulak macam mana?'

'Bab belajar lagi lah I very the garang gitu. I pantang kalau tak nampak dia pegang buku. Main main semua I tak bagi nanti otak dia cedera eww takut I tau, risau!'

'Oh now I tahu lah why anak jantan you tu macam lembik sikit' -dalam hati.

Balance. That's the key. Like a famous saying goes; experience is the best teacher.

Being an excellent student in your class doesn't indicate your excellency in real life. There are things you cannot learn from books. It requires real life situations to teach you how to live.

You need guides from experts, which books can't grant you. Go meet people and try something new. Please, if you risk nothing, you gain nothing too; it's really that simple. 

Trust me, the day you step in the real world, all your transcripts are pointless, if and only if you don't carry along a lifetime survival kit. 

Jangan Like Aja Baca Sampai Habis Dulu

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